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STILL feeling ZZZZZZ! Old age is a fookin' misery.Actually, I think I have some low-grade lurghy again; lotsa coughing and feverishness; probably caught it from mutant sockstink spores at the gym...
I was surprised to see a rather calmer Kinga re-introduced to the Big Brother House last night. She seemed, like Craig, a serious suicide risk. She must be taking her meds now, though, as she appeared reasonably relaxed. (How boring!)
Looking forward to all the CAPTION reports and pix. Next year, I'm gonna be rich on lotto winnings for sure, and I'll go by train AND stay in the Linton Lodge like a grownup, so I can check out all the events, and maybe actually get to chat proper. That's assuming there is a CAPTION next year, but I reckon there will be...
Blessings of all the gods on monocat for retrieving my pencil case. (His 'comment' was the first inkling I'd had that it was lost, and I had a good brushpen and everything in it. Wah!) If anybody finds a Nokia 1100 phone, that's mine, too...(Thinks about Early Onset Alzheimer's; shivers & shakes...)
I found it strangely quiet at CAPTION, but I think that could have been the change of layout (a very good idea-) making the hall look bigger and emptier. That college really is an excellent venue, with the nice big workshop room and all...I'm not keen on the claustrophobic subterranean bar, though,so I never saw any of the goodies going on down there. Wasn't there supposed to be a jumble sale of secondhand graphic novels and stuff? I never saw that, but bagged the usual fistful of very peculiar decades-old comics on the 10p table.

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