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Oh ZZZzzz...

I was exhausted and aching all over when I woke up this morning. Coach, busses and feet somehow got me to CAPTION and back, but I was in pretty much of a daze. Not too much sun, which pleased me, if nobody else, but the humidity was vile. I did get around to gawking at the river outside, this time. Verrry itchysneezy and buggy, but yeh,very pretty.
There was a tribute-to-Andy exhibit of photos and drawings,and, as usual,lots of interesting stuff to be purchased. I foolishly got some comics I couldn't afford, as you do. I even shelled out for a sandwich because I'd been too spaced out to eat anything before I left, and thought I might faint into a pile of cardboard gorillas and robots.
Nice to see everybody doin' their things, and I met LJers badasstronaut and motodraconis at last, which was cool. Of course, I never seem to be able to think of anything to say, in a con environment, which is the only time I see a lot of people. Guh...
I went to the panel on producing cheap comix. To my annoyance I missed a bit, due to meeting the DARK girls, who were nice, and recognised moi in my very Inner City Pagan astrological Ebay kaftan. Then I shuffled on to Mooncat's amiably whacky workshop, where we all produced some very weird stuff, and I wished I hadn't decided to wear the highly prized astrological Ebay kaftan.
That was all I could cope with, I dragged myself feebly up the hill, and commenced the hideous journey back. The coach was packed, and it rained quite a bit on the way. There were lots of rainbows and very interesting cloud activity. Me sleep now.
Oh, I must first object to last night's BB eviction of excitable tranny Kemal, and retentention of bloody Orlaith. That's the second time someone with a 'big' personality has been defeated by this div. Actually, one of the paintings in the workshop room (the contortionist woman with the strangely flourescent nipples-) made me think of Orlaith's constant bazooka dispay antics, but I didn't say anything because I'm ashamed to be so into BIG BROTHER. The other big painting in the room, of zombie-like children in uniform blue swimming trunks, and decayed-looking faces, was even stranger.

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