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Online Again!

Yaaaaay! It just sort of fixed itself all of a sudden, after doing the same routine yet again. Oh, Me so glad- (Hum!)
STILL no 'real' rain, although it drizzled on me all the way to the stinking gym. It's humid as ever, too. Guh.
There's a new SKY station Bad Movies (339) and they've been showing some weird ones, including THE TROLLENBERG TERROR (aka THE CRAWLING EYE), which I've not seen in a LONG time. As a kid, I actually found it mildly scary. I won't describe the creatures, as they really, really ought to be seen! Arf! They make cool noises, too.

One of Val Lewton's best, the ISLE OF THE DEAD, with a fine performance by Karloff, is on later this week. Not sure of where & when, but will add it later for the few loons who share my enthusiasm for such things.
I managed to spill hot coffee on myself and my crappy mini, this morning. Talk about yer self-destruction...
Re: The poor soul who got shot at Stockwell. As soon as I heard that news item, I felt in me water that it was probably a horrible mistake. Poor bugger.
I keep thinking and dreaming about Serbia (GRRR! has been put forward to the first weekend of bloody SEPTEMBER!) I had resigned myself to not going (heard this before?) as I do not have any money; last year's plane fare isn't paid yet, I'm just putting stuff on my credit card, and I'm barely able to pay the interest at this point...And yet...What would you do in my position? (Stop whingeing and forget it is a given, but I'm hardly likely to do that am I?) I'd actually be willing to do a dayjob for a while, to try and get out of this hole, but persuading even ASDA to hire me would be a miracle...
Hungry, now, and there's a new SIMPSONS about to start...
Oh, happy belated, cleanskies! Hope it was a good 'un!

Update: ISLE OF THE DEAD is on BBC2 next Saturday OO:45...Zombie women with floating draperies!

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