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No internet at home. Four lengthy incomprehensible conversations with the Mumbai branch of AOL advice, and I'm no better off; worse, probably for all the tinkering.
NO DIAL TONE message whatever is done. Yes; everything's plugged in, phone works, etc. Oh the dreadful vexation of it...
Sorry to see Science bounced from BB unbearable as living with his bellowings and BO must have been. It's going to get boring now: who (except lots of dirtydumby yoofs-) wants to watch bloody Orlaith tugging at her nipples all day? Of course, there is the chuckleraising romance of dimwit Craig and even dimmer oh-so-straight Anthony. It's kinda sweet in a way...
I once lived and worked just around the corner from Stockwell tube station. That was , like 27 years ago, but I always avoided the place when I could, even then. There were always lots of muggings and general unpleasantness there. It's just a badvibey bit of geography.Undercover police blowing a guy's head off in front of a carriageful of commuters must be a 'high' point, though, even for there. I wish I had my cosy imaginary seaside cottage, all right...

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