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Getting A 'Glow' On...

My mother always says 'Horses sweat. Men perspire. LADIES glow!' Honestly, she does...Anyway, I never was a lady, and continue to sweat like a spit-roasted pig. Thank Christ it's a bit more bearable today. I actually sent off my feeble efforts for the WHORES OF MENSA, my found art and auction sketchbook to CAPTION, my zines to dansette who has kindly offered to try and flog some, and some feckin' tea to keep my mother sweet. ( She mentioned my sister's delight about the 'chai' I sent recently, in a really vicious tone, because I haven't sent her any in a while) Never mind the fact that I can't actually afford to send tea to anyone, or the fact that she likes bloody Earl Grey which is easy enough to come by even in Williston Park, Long Island. whereas the sibling has no access to the spicy Indian delight in rural upstate NY.)
Anyway, after schlepping out with all that lot, and other chore stuff, I thought I'd give the gym a miss. but yet again, triumphed over sanity and crawled up there. When it's this hot, just the idea of putting trainers on is torment, much less the rest of the horrors of the leisure centre.
Poor Dave is trying to encourage me again. He was taking a newbie around the various implements of mortification, and she sat on the cycle next to mine as I pumped away as best I could.(The bloody golf was on the telly, too. I rather prefer the sexually explicit hiphoppers. The time seems to go a bit faster when they're writhing and blingflashing.) Anyway, he passed by later and said the new lady (about my age-)had been very impressed by my pedal performance, and asked how long I'd been coming. She hopes she can get as good as I am! Poor woman must actually be dead!
I felt very pleased with myself for going through with it, though. I may be a hopeless case generally, but I must have a smidgin of self-discipline,at any rate to continue this hopeless fitness quest.
...Which reminds me. I saw the obscenest LIVING TV exploitation spectacular yet (Yup, worse than THE SWAN!) last night. I don't even know what it's called -THE BIGGEST LOSER? Anyway, there are two teams of 'fatties' (Not all of them particularly fat), who compete for $250,000 (Yes, I'd probably have a go-) for the one who loses the most over the course. There's a lot of McKeith style vileness, like confronting the sinners with enormously 'excessive' amounts of greasy grub, that's supposed to turn them away from their gross appetites... One bloke had the good sense to grab and guzzle a last doughnut, before they were herded off into the House of Pain.
There's a weigh-in , of course,with all the oompah 'fat' music, as the unfortunates parade onto the scales in their bathing suits.
On and on, it's all been done before for our sadistic pleasure. The one interesting bit is that one group is trained by a mean 'no pain no gain' musclewoman, and forced to eat rabbit food. The other has a touchyfeeely holistic type in charge.They lost the most weight, I'm pleased to say.
However, I think it very strange that people should be expected to lose ginormous amounts really rapidly in the name of 'health'. I mean, there were people who lost 22 pounds in a week! Ol' Miz six pounds in six months, here cannot believe this is true! In any event, I would imagine that sort of weight loss is probably more harmful than just carrying on flabbing, and they're pushing these poor buggers to do it(...and for a chance at all that brass, you'd try , wouldn't you?) Absolutely cruel and hateful. End of rant, for now, I'm hungry...

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