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Back to LIDL...

Early, before the heat really set in. only to find they still haven't got the advertised cheapo state-of-the-art shredders. Scumbags!
Had some sort of really good dream. last night. I remember saying to myself. 'This is brilliant! I won't forget this!' That is, of course, all I remember...
Looked out the window at ('Two Minutes' Silence' for the bomb victims-) noon.A woman sitting at the bus stop. A teenager cycling by. A guy on the building site emptying a bin. No shopkeepers standing to attention outside or anything, but I gather it was all very much observed in the West End. I think the whole 'We are not afraid!' business is actually a bit silly. Who isn't bloody afraid? Still, ya just keep rolling...
Actually empathised with BB Derek last night. He was having a bit of a moment, and asked to see the psychologist, because he disliked all the other housemates so much, he was beginning to feel he was capable of murder.Arf!

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