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Ohhh, The Horrid Heat...

I HAD to go to the launderette, but that was truly a sucky experience. Crowded, too. Everyone had the same idea 'Get it done before it gets any hotter.' Fie!
LJ is misbehaving again. My 'comments' don't seem to be going anywhere. Oh well, no great loss.

Interesting idea from sissyhips:
Lately I give dreams as gifts. I never knew this could be done, that images coming up in me might be important to anyone else. But I see now, how they are meant to be freely given. How thirsty we all are for new images.
OK, then... I fell asleep watching that Top Ten Actors list show, and...
A young Alec Guinness was walking around in a wood-panelled room. (I always dream of rooms with that cheap wood panelling popular in 'furnished basements' in the 50's.) He wears a long dark coat, and a fedora pulled pown over his eyes.He seems to be looking rather intently for something, pulling drawers out, etc. That is all.

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