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Here Comes The Next Heatwave...

Oh well mus't grumble. (Grumble...) I was just musing about KING SOLOMON'S MINES, to avoid dealing with RL in any way. I saw about 20 minutes of a Hallmark (that always means trouble-) adaptation over the weekend. Wasn't Gagool supposed to be a terrifying mummy-like hag? (She looked like a refugee from London Fashion Week.)And Twala? I only saw him for a second, but he didn't appear to have half his face reduced to nothing but scar tissue, including a skull-like empty eye socket. I don't know if that's how he was actually described, but that's how I 'saw' him,while reading as a kid. I know I was really bothered by Gagool. What a swizz. The ancient b&w (1937) film was much more entertaining.*
May the gods help me to get my CAPTION comic and contribution to WHORES OF MENSA done and dusted this week, even though my arms stick to the paper, in the process....

* It may be pretty far removed from the original, but it has all the spirit, weirdness and excitement, not to mention a few numbers from the sublime Paul Robeson!

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