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Oh So Quiet...

Everyone seems sad and thoughtful, but there's a general 'get on with it' vibe. Yesterday, I went out on the Common with R, after about three hours of gawping at the frightening TV coverage. There were lots of sirens, more frequent than usual, but apart from that, the atmosphere was as relaxed as ever. It was very soothing. Should one be soothed? Well, why the hell not? Nothing I can do to help, whether I'm laid-back or hysterical. I can't even give blood any more, due to being on thyroxin.
Lots of musings on The Reaper...The bombing, of course, makes one feel sad and angry about Andy all over again, and an old family friend died this week. She was one of the few grown-up people I encountered as a kid who actually seemed to enjoy life, and have a mind of her own. She was pretty ancient of course, good innings, and all that, not to mention I hadn't seen her in decades, and never had much to do with her in the first place. Still, I feel diminished by her passing. RIP Vivien O'Hare, a good old gal.
Crept back to the gym . I feel sorry for poor,crazily chirpy 'Dave'. I think I must be the biggest fitness failure he's ever dealt with. He sees for himself how industriously masochistic I am on the machines. My inability to lose weight is a challenge to his whole belief system. Well, I told him it was a pretty hopeless prospect.C'est la vie, say the old folks...

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