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Yeah, I Wish...

You Are Green Tea Pocky

Your attitude: natural and zen
Peaceful yet full of life. Deep and thoughtful.
You're halfway to tantric bliss!

What Flavor Pocky Are You?</ </div>

Isn't "Pocky" an unappetising name? Not as bad as that "Sweat" soft drink, I guess...
Still waiting for the sink man. Washing dishes, etc. in the bathtub...
Still weirdly ill-ish,too. now coughing up mucous, etc. Should, of course, try to get to the dreadful gym, before I lose all motivation. That's if the sink man turns up and does his thing in time...
Followed helennraven's tip and had a look at AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. Christ! It was the episode about the poor cow with impetigo...This condition is surely known to all who ever went to school...Neither the victim or the other aspiring supermodels had a clue, though, and a whole rumour mill started, about the girl having 'leprosy' or 'flesh-eating virus'. She was finally shipped off to a medic who gave her the needed potions, etc. Frankly, the poor girl is pig-ugly anyway, easily the plainest of the batch, and particularly dopey, even in that company. She managed to get retained at the end, though... I like the girl ('Ully'?)who looks like a fish, and apparently is up for 'eviction' every week, but squeaked by again. I better not watch it any more, or I'll be hooked.
On BIG BROTHER; nurse Mikosi is somehow '90% certain' that she got impregnated by her frisk with Anthony about three days ago. She was persuaded by her gossips to ask BB for a 'pregnancy test'...Morning-after pill would be more like it, surely. Kemal: 'God still loves you.'
Maxwell?Anthony/Craig continue to puppy-pile in a rather gay way. Anthony is missing a pinky toe!
I also wallowed in MOST HAUNTED, because they went to Haworth. That Derek Acorah is the scariest apparition going. I have never seen anything remotely paranormal happening on that show, although they all yell a lot. Last night's table-turning was about the most spectacular event they've ever had. Old Derek was toiling away, with the help of his spirit guide, in the Black Bull...'Uh...there's a spirit here called - Bramwell? Branwell! ...Likes a drink...and a reverend! Reverend Pat-rick?' Helpful subtitles informed us that yes, people with these names had actually existed. The best bit was the high drama moment when one of the ghostbusters fell over in the dark graveyard.
Good luck to crunchcandy today! I tried to text you, but it didn't work. Duh...

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