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Bits Of LIVE 8

Who was that woman with one flourescent fuschia breast singing AMAZING GRACE?
Ol' Madonna really gave it some welly, there. I still love Annie Lennox...I'm not trying to be particularly cynical/stupid, but I honestly don't see how all this is going to help anybody in Africa, or genuinely influence any politicos. Hope I'm wrong. It's certainly a helluva show, and pretty emotionally charged, what I've seen of it.
I've got a bad throat and feel weird. I probably caught something at the funky gym. It really is pretty scabby there ...'Devil Girl' was doing a turn on the desk yesterday, and pressed a locker key into my sweaty mitt rather suggestively, I imagined.('Imagined' is the word!)
I saw some amazing images on sissyhips' LJ. I didn't know Norval Morriseau, but now I do. Pretty gorgeous...Go see.

God, at this rate, I'm not going to have that mini ready for CAPTION, am I?
It looks like it was only H2O that Maxwell smeared in Kemal's hair. I thought I saw something else, but I am a dirty-minded old hag... He seems to be the most popular housemate, which is pretty demoralising. He's a total gormless, ugly thug. Of course, they're all pretty foul. This BIG BROTHER is definitely the nastiest evah. Nobody's even pretending to 'get along' at this point. Oh, it's grand.

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