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Strange Skies...

Last night's storms were largely a disappointment in South London, except for one colossal thunderclap, and a brief downpour including hailstones. The fresh smell was good, but alas,it's now as oppressively humid as ever. What was arresting was the strange appearance of the sky; like the cloud cover was actually touching rooftops. Is that just pollution haze? Very spooky, in any case.

Still chastened by thoughts of yesterday's funeral, and all those who had to go through it. I wimped out, of course; my peripheral presence would have been no help to anyone, and would have bummed me out, yet I feel guilty, somehow. 'Guilty' of course, is my default state...Ah, the unbearable weirdness of being-

It took long enough, but the BIG BROTHER bitchfest has become vilely compulsive. Saskia and Maxwell, both facing eviction, finally performed some sort of 'sexual activity' under a duvet on the sofa. Curling toes and pallid buttocks were glimpsed. Craig screamed, as you would. The outstandingly horrible Kimber, a sort of female version of the Scary Dwarf in SINGING RINGING TREE, was evicted from the 'secret garden', and hunched grieving under a towel while the other two aspiring housemates conga'd off into the Seventh Circle. Oh boy, am I hooked...

Edited to update: Have discovered a bizarre Catholic TV channel (EWTN-680 on SKYTV) which features a Catechism class. Saw a beared mad monk,Savonarola eyeballs a-swivel , frothing about how the world is going to 'contracept and about itself into oblivion', if we don't all repent our lubricous ways. He had a classroom audience composed largely of Anne Widdicombe types, who would burst into enthusiastic applause at his most bloodcurdling proclamations. Wow! Worth a look...

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