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Here Comes The Sodding Sun...

Woke up feeling godawful again. I constantly dream about my old job! A bit more flying,fucking with film stars and psychedelic exotica, please...
I convinced myself that I was too poorly to go to the gym, then thought of all the agony I've suffered there already, and steeled myself to bloody go. After all I don't want to lose all the (non-) progress I've made! How did I get into this fix? (Addictive, obsessive personality, etc...)
'Devil Girl' wasn't around today, but the trainer pointed me out to some gimp he was indoctrinating as an example of 'good technique' in the weights room. She looked quite terrified, as I puffed and blew like a great red walrus.Me big strong crone,hup!
Rather sorry to see poor old Roberto get axed from BIG BROTHER. He swore funny. ('Ah, shadappa, yo' big knob 'ED!', 'I dunna geeve a monkey!', etc.)
One thing rather intrigues me. Prissy, pissy Derek hardly seems to be short a bob, and he's older and more intelligent than the usual Housemate...What on earth possessed him? I think he's starting to suffer for it now, anyway. Same thing goes for Mikosi. She's younger and dumber, but, if it can be believed, (she seems to enjoy misleading people...) she comes from a wealthy diplomatic family, and does seem a bit more articulate than the others. I guess it could be just plain exhibitionism, but surely the upper crust can find better ways of indulging their kinks than slumming on BB.
Yes, here I am, obsessing about that programme yet AGAIN. God have mercy on my wiccked soul, etc.

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