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Don't Go To The Globe...

The last time I was there was in the 70's, when it was a pile of mud with a few rather dry exhibits in dingy prefabs.
I thought it was a bit boring...
Yesterday, H took one of her notions to go on a ridiculously expensive guided tour, and was only with difficulty persuaded not to attend the matinee of PERICLES! Anyway, it was sweltering and-yes- rather boring, looking at costumes and stuff in cases, being jostled by the omnipresent crowing, capering school kids, while waiting for it to start. Then, it turned out you had to go up five flights of stairs (H is even more gammy-legged than I am...) and the lift was broken. A harassed usher tried to get someone to take us up in some other lift, but the person with the key couldn't be found, etc. I meekly suggested that perhaps we'd come back another time, if we could possibly have a refund. Great relief all least for me and the sweating usher, who clasped my hand enthusiastically. Whew, narrow escape!
I guess I'm becoming a philistine in my old age...Don't know what gets into H sometimes, though. She gets the urge to just spend money, on really crap things. Even if being escorted around the Globe turnd out to be thrilling, it really wasn't a good day for that sort of thing. Even the slightly less stuffy Tate Modern was pretty strenuous.

I didn't make it to the gym AGAIN today; have probably lost any benefit I've gained from the past five month's exertions already. I can't believe it does anyone much good to work out in this weather, though. It would almost certainly finish me off, for damn sure...
Must check out the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT 'special' tonight, with Michelle McManus...That poor girl's career must really be tanking, for her to offer herself up to the McKeithosaurus. (I recall that Andy seemed to share my awed detestation of her-) I honestly don't know how she keeps getting away with it. She's such an obvious loon, not to mention a very poor advertisement for her own dietary dictums. She's only in her 40's and looks like the Countess in PIQUE DAME.

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