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That's Enough...

Stop heatwave now, please. Cannot cope. I knew it would get stinking hot because I'm going to ENO tomorrow night. (Won some more tickets from ARTSWORLD. Kewl!) It's EUGENE ONEGIN, not a particular favourite, but purty.
I wish I could be getting on with some artwork, especially considering the recent sad reminders of the inevitability and capriciousness of Grim Death, but I'm frelled,really. Couldn't even whip myself to the gym this morning. I thought I'd go outdoors in see how it went... No way. I doubt if I could have even dealt with the walk there, much less the mechanical tortures. I can't imagine many people managed it, except maybe to swim.
Dropped a tear watching DR WHO last night! Actually, it's not the first time that the current series has touched me to the point of snivels. There have been quite a few really poignant moments, including last week's Slitheen-disposal dilemma.

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