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Wind Howling Around the Tower Block...

...It was a grim and drizzly morning, and I didn't want to bloody leave the flat. Dragged myself to the stinking gym, though, and staggered away on the treadmill at a laughable 4 mph, to RIDE, SALLY RIDE. It was actually good, in a way; took my mind off my dismal broodings on the Tragedy of Human Life and Cruel Death.
My body is old, fatissimo, and gimpy, my mind is hopelessly frelled, but I'm still here, and intend to remain so for as long as poss. Dunno why; just to observe with interest, in my choice position of outsider, as Western Civilsiation twizzles corruptly into a dehydrated Mad Max environment.
Further to my grump about the DVD people; I thought what the hell, I'll shoot them an email about their shabby practise of punishing free-trial abusers. They actually replied, saying that while it was my responsibility to check that all my DVDs had arrived back, they saw my point, and in this instance, will give me a refund! Hey Yah!
I reckon I've had a free trial with just about every company going, now, and intend to quit while I'm ahead. They seem to be phasing them out, anyway. I've noticed that a lot of them are now only for two weeks, or 'first six rentals'.
Oh yeah, the 'Devil Girl' trainer approached me to ask if an abandoned water bottle was mine. Tee Hee...

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