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Long, Grey Days...

More strange and spooky weather. I was thinking of blowing some non-existent money and going on Damien's polka-dotted boat to Tate Modern to see if I could get into the Frida Kahlo show. I really wasn't in the mood, though.
I've been thinking a lot of melancholy Meaning (is there one?) of Life thoughts. The whole sad business of Andy's accident kind of rubs yer nose in it... It doesn't matter how talented,industrious,smart and/or decent you may be, something hideously stupid and horrible may well just happen to you.Any time.Ugh.

Back to my usual inane trivia... One of those postal DVD free trial thingies zapped me. (Well, it had to happen-) On my already bowel-looseningly immense credit card bill, I found their charge for 14.99, although I'd deleted myself in good time, I thought. They say one of the DVDs was never returned. It was, of course, and promptly, but I can't prove otherwise, can I? Ouch!

Mildly interesting homoerotic hi-jinks on BIG BROTHER last night...Maxwell and Anthony (both evidently considered fit by the masses, but profoundly physically repellent to me - not to mention their toxically boring personalities -) were on the same bed in their pants, giggling close together as they plotted a Crazyfoam attack on the dormant Kemal. Both seemed to be adjusting their crotches rather a lot. Foamsquirting and much racing to and fro through the house in pursuit of the shrieking victim ensued. Just kill them.

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