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Gimme the Past...

I'm hot- wheezy , itchy and dropsical already, and it hasn't even started yet...May actually cut Illustration and go on the 'Visit to a Publisher' next term instead; doubt if I'd be any good or absorb much to-day...We'll see. Oh Lordy, I wish I were young again . Shit, 40 would do. I've got a terrible stiff neck, all of a sudden. (AHHHHH! MENINGITIS? MYSTERY KILLER MALADY?!!!) What is it that all those soldiers have got?
Dreamt I had to attend the funeral of an ex-partner's mother. I didn't want to, but was told 'she'd have really wanted' me to be there. When I arrived everyone (like scores-) was naked, and they were all young and buff. Mortified, I had to strip,too...It wasn't as horrific as it would have been in RL, but bad enough! Then my ex insisted that I come down to a basement that was furnished as a 'rumpus room' to talk about his mother, (whose ghost I could see beaming behind him, although I didn't mention this-)He was very insistent.-'I must speak to you!' I began to think I might have inherited something, and promptly woke up.

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