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Almost Gym Time...

It's hard to believe that it doesn't get any easier to force myself to go, it's been months, now. I forced myself every morning to go to my dayjob for twenty-two years, though, so I guess that's the way it goes.
On THE SWAN last night,one of the suitable cases for 'feminisation' was being discussed by the 'experts'. The exercise and nutrition woman woman whispered gravely that this girl had "...Never.Been.To.A.Gym!!!" Sharp intakes of breath and popping eyeballs all around, like a Bateman cartoon.
I woke up in despair this morning, which is not a good idea, really. You just think 'Noooooo...' as consciousness creeps over you. I seldom have actual headaches, but today I have a weird feeling of nausea, like, inside my head. I wonder if this is migraine? My strange visual disturbances have been attributed to it, although I'm lucky enough, so far, not to have had the pain.
This kind of weather always brings on a multtude of ailments for me. I hope it will break later today. It does feel a bit thundery. Hey Ho...

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