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Sweaty and Starving...

I went to Iceland on the way to the gym, to get some of those Quorn Gruyere thingies that they were selling for a pound, but they were gone, and there was nothing else I fancied. Looks like stirfry bits & bobs again.
As usual, on Wednesday, nobody showed up, so I just did the usual torture machines in peace, instead of having to do circuits in the unbelievably hot room upstairs. Good...
I am actually missing episodes of BIG BROTHER, and not having my usual fret about possibly missing something supergrotesque. Those people are just dullsville. I do want to see Sam's smirk crumple when she gets evicted, though. Cackle...
Managed a one-pager about a particularly nasty chav I saw abusing her kid in ASDA yesterday.
Watched BREWSTER MCCLOUD last night. That's a very weird film indeed. What was that all about? And what happened to that Bud Court? He was a really strange-looking foetus-faced actor who was in a lot of films in the late 60's-early 70's, and must be even weirder as an old guy...

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