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Goldurn Such Weather...

Nearly croaked at the gym yesterday from the oppressive humidity and heat; even with the air conditioning on, they threw the back doors open to try and get some air circulating...By the time I'd limped home, had a bath, and started getting dinner, though, there was a tropical deluge, then it got really chilly. I've got the shivers again, now. Wah!
Watched Jools Holland last night to hear Rufus Wainwright, who was, as usual, pretty cool. I was pleased to be introduced, as well, to three acts totally unknown to me previously, that I liked a lot: Son of Dave, Acoustic Ladyland and James Blunt. Well done, those men.
They did vote Scary Mary out of Big Brother. Arse! I'm really annoyed.(I still hadn't got over the untimely ejection of cracked Kitten last time...) Sooo not fair!

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