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Femmed To Death...

I'm addicted to makeover shows, but I have to admit they can be kind of frightening. THE SWAN, especially, takes women who, for the most part, don't even need any surgery, and throws them to this alarming sleazbag ( evidently a victim of inexpert 're-sculpting' a la David Guest, himself- ) to be 'feminised' ( ...chopped about into sort of Dolly Parton-meets-Barbie-in Hell creatures...) I didn't see all of last night's show, but the victim was totally thrilled that she didn't look like a 'strong army girl' any more. (she had been kinda cute-) I guess if she's happy, it shouldn't be sad...
On the other side's A WHOLE NEW YOU, this poor soul was given tits like basketballs (She was only about 4'10" and just wanted a lift, really...) The slimy little surgeon commented that well, he hadn't intended to make them quite that big, but he'd never had a woman complain about her baps turning out larger than expected... She also got her rather handsome hooked nose amputated, and was dressed up in absurd flouncy frocks by a screaming queen stylist, who wanted to introduce her to her womanhood, or something. Ew...Once, again, she seemed delighted, so I guess it's not for the likes of me to protest. I'd still go on EXTREME MAKEOVER in a minute, of course. Yes! Make me (lots!)younger, bring on those 'revolutionary porcelain veneers' and the spec-banishing laser eye surgery, but I totally refuse to be de-beaked, de-butched and blanded out, thank you very much.
Over on BIG BROTHER, I fear my gal Mary might be for the chop, after dreary Craig (isn't he like something out of Royston Vasey?) wept pitifully, knowing he was about to be booted for his boringness. Now everyone will feel sorry for him. Pah!
An LJ Friend was doing a poll on everyone's favourite Housemate of all time, the other day, and I realised, that despite my tragic addiction, I can only remember a few actual names...I chose Brian, who was rather good value, although I think my actual fave was laid-back lesbian ex-nun Anna, but I couldn't remember her name. Also, there were a few, like Narinder and Marco, to be kinda cherished for sheer awfulness,(like the current Lesley-) although you wouldn't actually want them to win. Oh, and whatever became of poor old Bubble?
I had to leave R on the common and walk home alone, yesterday. She goes into a sort of trance out there, and admits she could stay all day, allowing the dogs to run off and come back whenever. I dutifully go for the exercise, and get bored after a while. I'm spending so much time at gym, etc. at the moment, it's almost as bad as a dayjob. Still, I probably wouldn't have done anything worthwhile anyway, and I MAY be extending my wretched life with all this huffing and puffing.
Did two lame little paintings this week, but no proper cartooning.

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