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Bloody Blistering...

'Taint natural; bleakest, chilliest May in ages, then the hottest May day for 60 years or something. Going outdoors really felt like walking into some kind of open-hearth steel mill... The gym, of course, was ripe in the extreme. Yuck.
There's this scuzzy old sod there who always acts over-familiar with everyone, and makes annoying Chewbacca noises when he's on the machines. I give him a wide berth, and when he gawps at me, I shoot back my best Paddington*.To-day he beamed sleazily at me and said 'You're losing weight!'. I was unfriendly. Now, this is the first indication I've had from anybody that I might actually be showing some 'improvement', appearance-wise, so I suppose I should have been grateful like a good old fat lady...It pissed me right off, though. Wanker.

* Paddington Bear = 'Ard Stare, for those unaccustomed to the ol' Cockney Rhyming Slang.

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