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Another Mucky Morning...

I actually feel a bit like eating something, although I'm slightly afraid to...
Last night, in deep morbid funk, I burrowed into my pit and switched on the radio, to hear Alan Moore himself engaged in conversation with Mr Brian Eno. They were in the midst of speculations about creative block. (Gotta be a 'sign', surely ?) I had previously been unaware of the Oblique Strategies cards, although I've seen similar exercises. Anyway, I've just been to this useful page....

and Mr Eno has very kindly advised me 'Don't be frightened of cliches'...Actually, one of the blocks I have at the moment is that everything I might produce has been done before, better, by zillions, including me...
He also suggested that I 'Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities'. Hmmmmm...

Must get to bloody gym this afternoon, if I actually have stopped spouting. Hardly a pleasant prospect either way.

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