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'Ouse Of 'Orrors...

I watched 10 RILLINGTON PLACE, which I'd seen years and years ago, and largely forgotten,late last night, as my -erm- condition made sleep difficult. I found myself really, really disturbed by the house itself, an uncannily grim,leprous sort of place...Later, I read that the film was shot in the actual house wot the killings were done in. Whoooo....I don't know how the cast and crew coped with that, actually. The place just throbbed with sleazy evil...
Also, if the West Indian guy who makes the hideous discovery at the end ( Wah! ...And they didn't offer 'counselling' in those days-) was, as I thought, 'Patrick' out of EASTENDERS, he's barely aged in, like, 35 years. Bastard.
I am still Not Well;couldn't even drag myself out for the papers, much less gym.

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