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Not Terribly Well...

Unsatisfactory sort of day. The skin-shedding is getting me down, now, not to mention having aged at least ten years in a week, with the cracks all over my face and neck; whimper...I still have episodes of itching, runny eyes and unbearably tickly throat, too.
I set out to have a last look at the Crumb show at Whitechapel, but got caught up in one traffic jam after another, few busses running, etc. When I got there I'd no time, and they were in the midst of a power failure anyway, so I just bought some cards and set off back, to get to the gym in time...By the time I got to the Strand, it was nearly three, so that was that, really; blew it. Christ, that pissed me off. Not that I wanted to go to the gym, but, you know, I was being 'good'.
There seems to be a crackdown on bendy-bus fare dodging. Two ticket inspectors were taking all too obvious pleasure in nabbing the unwary on the 25. I can't help feeling sympathy for the transgressors. I mean, you wouldn't do it unless you were dirt poor, or had some other genuine reason, would you?
I'm very fortunate to have this pass, now.
Then, it started to get hot, and I now feel quite queasy and yuck.

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