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Bad, Good...

I'm only slightly less red, a bit swollen, still-itchy, and grossly flaky. I think it should be clearing faster. I'm also in my usual state of fear and fret about the gruesome government proposals to 'help' the likes of me into some call centre or worse. Heaven have mercy.
I watched TROY, which, as spectacle, looked pretty good. (Sean Bean looked very good!) Actually, I'm not a Brad fan, but even he looked less chimpy than usual... All men should have flowing locks, a tan, a personal trainer and a leather minidress.
Shame about the script. It could/should have been really thrilling...and why all the weird liberties? Briseis skewering Agamemnon?
The good news was a call from the vet. Wotan's blood tests were OK, he's responding to the tablets, and doesn't have to go back until August. Thank you lord of the animals.

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