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Feelin' Crabby...

Just watched SAW, a nasty SEVENish thriller, which was not bad, although the perps are spottable very early on. It was clever and gruesome, though...
I'm feeling sick 'cos it's time to go to the gym soon. My leg is still feeling better-ish, and despite the confirmation that it's all doing little or no good, I still feel obliged to carry on workin' my disintegrating body.Where there's (half-)life, there's hope.
Feel jaded about tactical voting yesterday, although, thank the gods, a lot of people doing the same has had the 'desired' effect of a stiff slapped-wrist for Tony without the threat of Tory victory. Still, I wanted so much to go for International Socialist or Green, just to make my mark for things I actually believe in.

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