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Still in the slough of despond about my poverty situation. Of course, I couldn't cope with another service gig if I could get one, but there must be some honest-ish way to bring in the extra 35 quid or so a week, at least, I need to maintain the status quo...musn't there?
Went to visit H in Romford Monday and came away with an embarrassment of 'products' from her mum's Avon stuff, which will mostly go to the charity shop, as I'm really way past hoping for unguents, etc. to transform my hideosity. We keep swearing 'no more birthday/Christmas presents', but she always gives me all this shit, so I then have to struggle to buy some sort of stuff she has no use or desire for in return. Life in this modern world is weird, man... H's 'farm' is brilliant, though. All they need is a swimming pool for proper 'paradise on earth' status. We had a good time playing with her kids' video games. They have this set-up so that you can use your limbs, instead of joysticks, etc, to whack little 'Kung Fu' men and make them splat against the screen. Very satisfyin'.
She also has a brilliant sit-around-in kitchen about as big as my flat. Flippin' gorgeous.
I had some 'Eat for a fiver' vouchers from the Times, so we went to the only pace in Romford that honours them, Deep Pan Pizza...We were given no option but the the buffet, so all we got 'free' was coffee. Truly disgusting... Everything was cold, for starters, and tasted rancid. Ya can't win.
If you're ever looking for a quick meal near Romford station, just don't go near that pizza place, McDonald's is better! God, it was rank...

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