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On Drugs...

They're making me dozy, which was actually rather helpful at the gym, where I hoisted myself onto the 'bike' and zoned out for half an hour quite painlessly. They have these TVs eternally tuned to some MTV-type station (except when it was the Pope's funeral!) and in my daze, it struck me as peculiar that the annoying 'Crazy Frog's' strange appendage is always censoriously blacked out these days, but the programming consists almost entirely of those HipHop young people a-windin' their bodies in the most blatantly sexualised fashion. Go figure...BTW, I have to confess that I rather like the little round canary-things, 'Sweetie and Fluffy.' They dance like Cartman.

I wanna check out the Zine thing at Gower St. tomorrow, but I'll probably be feeling too gaga, at this rate. We shall see...

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