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It's weird; like with the Pope...I , as a shamefully lazy member of Feminists Against Censorship, and occasional pornographer, who doesn't think much of violence as a rule, considered AD a bit of a bad joke at times, but now she's gone, I will, on some level, miss her.
As a fat, 'plain' person myself, I also frequently felt she was letting the side down, with the hirsute face, the grubby-looking dungarees for all occasions, and generally soap-dodging appearance.It seemed like playing into the hands of mocking enemies of feminist causes, and the ignorant, who would be put off from learning more about her ideas,or associating themselves with anyone who looked such a tip...
I believed, in the early 90's, when she presented that bizarre story of being drug-raped in Paris by hotel staff, that she might have gone mad. I still feel that her death may actually have been suicide. Whatever, this plane is duller without her, and I wish her spirit a pleasant journey.

I am fretting about my face. I think it's getting worse, and the itching is beyond belief. I can't figure out what I could be reacting to...
I was planning on going to the Sexton Ming exhibit today, but I think I'm probably going to the doctor. Nothing's working and my eyes are half-shut. Feck...

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