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Once A Catholic, Always A Loony...

I've actually spent most of the morning ('I'll switch on for five minutes...') gawking at the astonishing scenes from Rome. By the time the prelates of the Eastern Rite (such fab headgear!) started doing their thing, I was clutchin' the Kleenex. Honestly, I defy anyone not to be moved by that degree of operatic spectacle and emotion.The old boy has really knocked Diana's sendoff from the Top of the Thanatos Frenzy Pops. Absolutely staggering...
I was most impressed by the co-operation of the wind in accentuating the high drama, with the cardinals' vestments billowing, beanies being lifted, off and the very interesting blowing-shut of the open Gospel on the Pope's coffin...symbolic of the end of his reign, the demise of his style of Catholicism, the End of the World...?
It is, of course, a bit worrying that John Paul II seems to be on a very fast track to sainthood, as that could set his more deluded policies in stone. It's interesting that the much more liberal-minded John XXIII, who was also hugely loved worldwide, and a very holy old bod, who didn't get a chance to do all the modernising he'd intended has only reached the 'beatification' stage. People have been praying to him for favours, etc. for decades, now, and I think it's the reactionary contingent of Cardinals who have held his canonisation back.
I think it would be really cool for John Paul ( who I think may have been some kind of saint-) to appear in a vision to his successor, admit to being wrong about all the sexuality/feminism stuff, and make one of his apologies, to all the clerically abused kids, and the people whose infection with AIDS he contributed towards, in his folly.
Oh well, move along; show's over...
Actually, while at the Crumb exhibit yesterday, I noticed one of his sketchbooks has a doodle of the 'milk bottles o'sin', as depicted in the old Baltimore Catechism...I've seen similar drawings by Justin Green, and done them myself... I can still 'see' a lot of the crudely effective illustrations in that book so clearly. Terrible thing, Catholicism, yet it's been so wonderfully enriching to the arts over the centuries. I'm still glad I grew up in the midst of all the demented Latin-chanting and incense swinging, and love that side of it to this day.

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