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My brain is fibrillating! I went to the Crumb show at the Whitechapel, and it's really excellent.

In addition to all the originals, there are loads of books scattered around for browsing, and the Zwigoff film and Arena documentary are being screened continually. There are sketchbook pages available, too, and a lot of people left good stuff of their own. I didn't. I am not worthy, etc.
There were quite a few people there, for a Thursday morning. It must get pretty rough at weekends...It was a strange sensation. looking at the 'real-life' versions of strips I've seen so many times. Crumb's ink work is so masterful that you often can't tell the printed versions from originals. There's very seldom any sign of corrections, etc. I may have to go back, actually...
I was glad to see some really recent stuff, as if it's stocked in the London shops, I keep missing it. I was particularly moved by a long strip about the influence of Crumb's brother Charles, who never managed to escape the family home, and committed suicide in the 90's. Crumb describes a vivid dream where he sees Charles in a group of spirits, young and handsome again, obviously enjoying his stay on the next plane. I've had dreams exactly like that, about several dead people I know. I guess everybody does. Mine are always 'lucid' and unusually intense in every way. Is this just some wishful comfort we give ourselves as we sleep, or are we really getting a preview of existence after death? No harm in hopin'...

The catalogue is a proper chunky book, with a CD included, and, God, I want it so bad! I am just going to have to find some way of getting it.

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