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With the help of R, I got Wotan captured, and took my horrifically bloated hivey face and wailing cat in carrier over to the bus stop. Had to stand both ways, of course... Yes, it's good that many more people use busses these days, but that means there should be more feckin' busses than before, doesn't it?
Worrying vet visit. Evidently his heart is 'galloping' now instead of just murmurring, and he's lost a bit of weight. This could mean that he has an 'extremely rare' (like the calcium failure episode-) regrowth of malfunctioning thyroid, OR that he will need treatment for the heart condition. Well, I know at his age, every day is a bonus, but I don't need this tsuris, no... Won't have results of blood test until Friday sometime.
We finished off with the usual struggling and spitting talon-clipping ritual. Oh, my nerves.
The fact that I'm currently a more grotesque sight than normally, and my face is still itching like crazy with it, does not help. I want to eat a whole cake, or get lagging drunk or something chaotic like that.Shite.

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