Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

<a href=""><img src="" title="You're the Artiste!" alt="You're the Artiste!" border="0" /></a><br />You're the Artiste!<br /><a href="">Take What sort of Hipster are you? today!</a><br /><small>Created with <a href="">Rum and Monkey</a>'s <a href="">Personality Test Generator</a>.</small></p><div>You paint, you draw, you cut up bits of paper, you take digital photographs.  You're always on the move and great with your hands.  You use words like "Postmodern," "image," "simplicity," and "project."  You frequently fuss with your sculpted hair.  Your clothes speak to others with their symmetry and color scheme. You spend hours in the studio.  You've little money or accomplishment, but aren't concerned one bit.  You listen to electronic music.  You have friends and roommates who are also devoted to the creative side of life.  You don't care if you never get recognized--as long as you've created art, then you'll die happy.</div>

Not bad. No electronic music pour moi, though, or hair, for that matter....Got this one from otterpoppy

Ewww; frightening creatures from the Abyss are on TV. There's a big evil-looking  Thing that eats wood.

My face has gone all itchy and bumpy. Great, like I need to be more hideous...Think I may have been poisoned by Commies.

Had to stay in all bloody day. A Rastaman came and said the boiler was OK, but I needed a new valve in the cupboard, 'cos the one that turned the gas on & off was really stuck . I didn't even know it existed. Just as well I've never had to turn the gas off...I then had to wait for this really peculiar character to come and change it. I don't have much confidence in his skills,as he was wayyyy weird, and am now anticipating asphyxiation, if the poison doesn't get me first.


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