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Post-Gym Owies...

The knees, the knees! The gym sessions mean I'm always missing DESERT ISLAND DISKS on R4 and all. I'm usuallly out when the Friday repeat is on. This sucks.
Looking forward with extra dread to my mother's call tonight. She's going to be carrying on in foam-flecked fashion about the late Terri Wotsis for sure, not to mention the Pope.
Actually, I've always been ambivalent about him. Despite my angry scorn for the Church's bizarre policies on sexuality, women priests, and contraception, (I think Jesus might be giving the old boy a good wristslapping about all those AIDS-dispatched Africans...) not to mention the blind eye about all the clerical child abuse...I was really fond of him, and feel sad and diminished now that he's no longer on this plane. In many ways, he did a lot of good, and he was just a huge, charismatic, appealing character, even somewhat sexy, as a younger man. There 's also the matter of his obvious complete integrity and certainty he was doing 'God's Will'...Of course, Hitler was sure he was right, too. I dunno. Like I said, I'm conflicted. I think very many people probably feel the same way. Oh well, 'Love the sinner, hate the sin' and all that Catholic stuff.

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