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'Hotsy Bloato"

Far too feckin' warm, although the previous two days were utterly dismal. Bloomin' weather...Fap!
It's difficult to describe to (presumably-) saner folk, but when I have to go to the gym, it's like when I know my mother's going to call... Horrible feelings of agitated gloom, actual FEAR, desperation to avoid it somehow, grinding in my brainbox against rational 'grown up' psychosegments. Uhhh...
I went, anyway, but it was pissshitting torment. I still seem to be 'improving' on the treadmill and bike, despite the break, but I only did a candyass five minutes on the cross- trainer. I just couldn't be bothered, and I thought I might be having a coronary. Some people seem to belt away on those things for like, half an hour. I always leave it for last, too,as I can escape to the weight room after I've endured it.
I used one machine right after an eight-stoner complete with Princess Di leotard, etc, (a blessedly rare manifestation in the local dump...) and was astounded to see how little weight she'd been heaving, despite being only about 20. A Muntzian 'HAAH Ha!' swelled in my saggy old bosom. Arf! Me stronger! etc. Of course, she was probably only there to display her skinny young bod, anyhow, but what the hell, it gave me a little buzz.
Knees hurt now.
I wish the poor old Pope would just croak. It's so pitiful and grim; right on top of the vegetable-woman tragedy as well...

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