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Another Dreik Day...

Not much looking forward to hobbling to the common with R and dogs. Galoshes will be mandatory, canines extra smelly. Yuck.

Back to the bloody gym tomorrow. In the week's break, I think I've lost any feeble muscle tone I might have gained. Snot fair...The gym was open over the holiday to proper members, but 'Referral' gimps aren't allowed to use it without the trainers being around.

I have discovered a supercool creator, thanks to a Guardian item. Sexton Ming! I have to go and see his exhibit...,11710,1448781,00.html

charlottecooper , Check out the page on Ming's site displaying  portraits by his consort, Ulla Guru. I think that weird-woman painting you use as an icon just possibly could be one of hers. Y'all could be sitting on a masterpiece, there.


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