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MIND Shop...

I took a load of my stuff over in the trolley, including a pair of soft brown leather MaryJane-ish things I have held onto for twenty-seven years, hoping that some day they wouldn't hurt. They're just the wrong shape for me...
There was a lot of good stuff there today, actually, especially if you're into 'Alfie Moon' loud shirts. Despite myself, I bought a black fez for 75p. I know... but I can wear it indoors in the winter to stop the heat escaping from my baldy scalp.
Got a nice packet of comix, from Darren Schroeder in the Antipodes.Check his website out. He likes to trade.

Some other cool stuff I picked up at the Thing Saturday before last:
THE BEDSIT JOURNAL an anthology of tragicomic vignettes of impoverished Bohemian life; all too familiar, but very entertaining. It's compiled by Richard Cowdry (with lots of his good cartoonin') and Peter Lally.

ART SCHOOL SCUM: I couldn't really spare the money, but couldn't resist that title, either.Good spiteful fun; wish I could have shelled out for the rest of the comix on their table.

FLICKERMOUSE 3: Another neat, sweet mini from Andy Bleck, with contributions from Pat Moriarty, Carrie, Scott Roberts,Luke Walsh and many more.

John Anderson kindly gave me a copy of the chunky COMICS FOCUS, which i haven't read yet, but it looks good, with David Lloyd ,Ted Rall and Harvey Pekar interviews, plus columns and reviews.
That's from Soaring Penguin, 2 Hambledon Rd, London SW18 5UB for 3.95 (for 96 pages-)

Jeremy Dennis'latest mini collection of her cool 'weekly strips' has an intense colour cover.

I also got:GIRLY 7

All of these are excellent, full of good stuff, by ace creators, but I'm in 'em, too. so I'd better not comment, really...

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