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Moment of high drama on TV. The live bradcast of VALKYRIE from Covent Garden was banjaxed by Bryn Terfel's losing his voice. Weirdly, they showed Act One, and instead of carrying on the broadcast with the rather dull Robert Hale standing in, they're going to wait for the big man to recover before showing the rest. Bloody hell. Saw the RHINEGOLD last night, and he really was pretty exciting, so I was looking forward to this, especially as I'm feeling particularly pointless, and need some distraction.
I've been trying to get rid of some of my clutter, and I just can't cope with it. I've chucked two falling-apart PVC 'wardrobes', and now all the wrinkly, cat-hair clotted shit is just lying around stinking. I've got so much clobber I've paid for and never worn, never will wear, yet still I hesitate to discard. Christ, if I just had half the money I've blown over the years, I could get a proper working state of the art PC and all the trimmings. Sigh...

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