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Thought For Today...

I reckon the Pope is in a coma, if not altogether dead, and they're keeping it quiet, so as not to mess up Easter.
I woke up yesterday morning to an astoundingly weird 'Early Morning Pious Platitudes' broadcast. This sanctimonious-sounding woman was talking about the contemporary of Julian of Norwich who spent the day bathing lepers, as holy folk did, then took some of the tainted water and drank it. She also managed to eat a scab, and said it tasted 'sweet as a Communion wafer.' Now, I've heard this anecdote before, (It's not one you'd forget...) but this preacher woman was really getting off on it, like what an admirable thing to do. Spewsville, man...
God, I smell doggy. Bath, yes...
Ah, sweet: the new neighbours appear to be having a domestic. La la la,la la...I shall rise above this...(Twitch-)

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