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Why, Oh Why?...


Looks like the new neighbours are definitely in residence,and, for the sake of political correctness, I'll say no more, except that, yes, they look like my worst nightmare, including the  shrilling,drooling three-year-old. Oh God, etc...

Eeee, thanks for the mini, cleanskies  ! It's nice having the weekly strips, etc. in 'real' comic form. That quetzal- puke one is one of my all-time favourites, and the colour cover is lush.

I think I've definitely overdone the dogwalking; can hardly bend my knees, now... Ya try and try, and just get worser. Glub... Poor Milo, who I've got rather a soft spot for, cut his pad on something and was limping. Upsetting. The ugly little whippet, Freya, now charges across the lawn to jump up and lick my nose. I seem to be an accepted pack member, and I sure smell like one. Wotan disdainfully sniffs at my jeans,when I come in, with a great show of dripping- contempt body language.


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