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Well, I'm glad it's over, all right.

I'd never had anything like that before, and the whole procedure was grim. I felt chastened by quaking in the waiting room with a bunch of people who looked Very Ill Indeed,  some of whom were swigging from jars of strange-looking squash (barium?) The only other person who didn't look moribund (unless I actually do...) was a big shaven-domed gangsta type, who was so stressed  that when his name was called, he dropped half his plastic cup of water over his girlfriend. That cheered me up a bit...

You get summoned into this darkened spooky room, and a nervous 'Beaker'-looking assistant kept giving me huge amounts of giant green kitchen-papery sheets to deal with  the 'little bit of gel on the tummy' ( I  DO loathe the word 'tummy' especially when uttered by patronising medical types...) There was no actual discomfort, apart from having to get into various positions on the little table, and 'breathe in deeply' ( but they don't tell you when to breathe out...) although  to a nervous novice, it was all desperately scary. Oh yes...

Thank the gods, I do not seem to have gallstones. Of course, that makes me feel guilty, now, for having wasted NHS time, but it's one less thing to grizzle about for the moment. Whew.

I was so traumatised that I've nearly finished a two-page strip about my sufferings. Yeh.


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