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Oh The Heat; Oh My Feet...

Stay away from Mile End, chillun...Actually the Thing seemed to be swinging pretty well. There was a decent crowd, considering it was a hot sunny day, there was typical traffic chaos in Central London ( a demo, I later discovered; busses on diversion, the usual anguish-), and The People's Palace isn't the easiest place to find. I finally got there on the 25 ( a dreadful spontaneous - combusting bendy bus, which was, of course packed with odious yoofs,etc). It goes right to the Whitechapel Gallery as well, I noted, which will come in handy for the Crumb exhibit...I missed the stop, of course, and had to wander around sweating and fretting... Interesting place, though. Nice venue for a 'thing', and there are cool Eric Gill reliefs on the front wall.

I encountered the wretchedly full of cold Jenni, who I'm sure didn't need a headful of mucous on top of everything else. (Didn't I say this stoopid sudden season change would give everyone the Lurghi?) Hope it clears up soon. Unfortunately, I never did see Jeremy, although she was evidently there.Not a green head to be seen. I wanted to score one of her new minis, too. Bah. I did see a lot of the usual veteran suspects and the usual kinda-exciting/kinda-depressing small press youthquakers (-so bloody gifted; so bloody young!!! *%^@!!! ) I saw piles of stuff I wanted to buy, but, of course, I couldn't... There was a cool area where you could browse through batches of comix, though. Ace! I've finally discovered the joys of SOCK MONKEY.
There was a panel at one, which I hung about for, only to be seriously frustrated by not being able to hear AT ALL,despite the mikes. I was quite close, too. Feck. There was an excellent group; Mardou, Roger Langridge, etc, discussing self-publishing. Would greatly have liked to hear it. There was going to be a second one at half-two, concentrating on webcomics, which I should figure out how to do, but I certainly wasn't going to stick around for that, under the circumstances.
I met Andy KonkyKru/Bleck, who kindly gave me his latest mini, and let me see some lovely,incredibly detailed sketches he'd done in museums. Turns out he and I had both drawn the same little guy (a Hebrew prophet?) in the V&A.
The journey home was even more tortuous, and I had a better view than I would have wished of some poor biker being loaded into an ambulance after a too-close encounter with four wheels bad...
Now I'm collapsed here trying to muster the energy to read my comix. I'm absolutely ravenous, and twitching to ring for a 'Popeye' pizza, which of course is not financially feasible. So it goes.

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