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Summer is here, wham bam, yuck. I suppose we'll all get flu now... Must say, I don't mind seeing clear sunny skies for a change, though. I was also somewhat consoled at the gym, to discover I'm not the only summer-hater on earth. It sure smells worse than usual in there...

Had to have a 'half-term' blood pressure check and all, but it's OK; seems to be lower than usual, actually, despite the fact that I was in extremis after my hideously  healthy workout ordeal.

Not particularly looking forward to schlepping to Mile End in the sweaty weather tomorrow, for the Web & Mini-Comic Thing, but it should be worth a gawk, and it will be nice to see  girlycomic ,</span> jinty , andypop , and other smallpress folk. I better have an early night, though, I'm absolutely spent. Pffffft....


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