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Good Girl...

Woke up feeling very sinus-y and indigestion-y, so resolved to skip gym. Didn't... I think I sweat more than anybody else in the building, and when I'm on the cross-trainer, I can see myself in the (shudder-) mirror turning a very lurid shade of magenta. At least Dave was back today, and I didn't have to be pep-talked into an apoplexy by 'Ainsley'. Dave's positively reserved in comparison. There was a guy in the weights room making intense macho noises...'UUnngh!'...Put me right off my stroke.
I won a nice little Celtic brooch and wonderful German actor Udo Samel's autograph on Ebay. (Thought some of his artistic talent might somehow rub off, and it was dirt cheap,anyway,)
Come to think of it, wonder what I could get for my signed Peter Cushing photo, from WORLD OF HORROR days?

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