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For Want Of Anything More Exciting...

9 things in my refrigerator:
Soya milk
Sour cherry nectar
Peach/passion fruit yoghurt drink
Some rather weary cherry tomatoes
Jar of crinkle cut beetroot
'Pure' soya spread
Lots of Vanilla Diet Coke
'Pikant' cheese slices
veggie hot dogs

Rosie Boycott on TV, looks like she's had a facelift. I want one, too. Snot fair, etc.
Michael Howard on TV embarrassingly showing off his 'happy wholesome family'! Very bad idea. Barforama!
Watched the famous 'video nasty' SNUFF, which I thought I'd seen before, but hadn't. (Saw something a lot like it, though...) God, really, really lame. Can't imagine how there ever could have been any debate about whether or not it was real.There were a few Things to Make You Go Ewwww, (chopping-off of fingers, mostly-) but all extremely unconvincing.

Did the laundry. Hup!

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