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Jolly Gym Jerks...

Dave wasn't in, today, and was replaced by an even more dreadfully jovial character who looked just like Ainsley Harriot in full cry. Jesus, Mary & Joseph... He was very popular with the old folks, who were out in force, today, and followed him around cackling at his sallies. He kept wanting to chat, which I find very embarrassing while pumping away on the cycle, sweating cobs. He kept saying I should do the aqua aerobics, which I'd like to do, if the prospect weren't so mortifying...He beamed encouragingly 'Really, you'd be one of the smallest there...'(to the old hag on the cycle next to mine-)'Wouldn't she?' Crone looked me over,and said '' I made my escape to the next torture machine.
Later, while doing the most bearable part, weights, I was accosted by Ainsley once again... 'Good technique on the shoulder press!' I suppose some people find it helpful, but I really can't stand that chummy, 'encouraging' stuff, and I really, really don't want to 'socialise' with the other crippyoldfat folks who I've nothing whatever in common with, apart from physical fallyapartyness. I am, of course, a very Bad Person.

I was absolutely fascinated by the Jacko in JimJams furore. One news report said he finally appeared at court in 'hospital pyjamas'.Wow, is that what they hand out in California, instead of those straitjacket things that your bum hangs out of? Now,that's class...

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