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Must Do Something Worthwhile...

Got assignments to get sorted, apart from anyhing else. I've opened a DEADJOURNAL too, but no idea what I'm gonna do with it. Actually, I wouldn't mind sleeping for a while, I've been up for hours. Yawn...Gotta hoover too. Boring!
Wish I could lose some weight...A friend of mine has lost 10 STONE since SEPTEMBER, which has gotta be some kind of world record. Mind you he was a very heavy drinker of stuff like Bailey's, and just cutting that out would reduce your calorie intake hugely. Still, I don't seem to lose even when I do manage to eat next-to-nothing ( and I don't even drink,these days, as a rule-) Good luck to him, anyhow; a really brilliant accomplishment. He's got only 2-3 stone more to go, and he'll be 'normal'... Time for some caffeine, time for some hard graft. (whimper-)...
Later: Saw some cool documentaries on BBC4 about "Warhol's Women"...In this instance, Brigid Berlin('Polk') and Nico. Fascinating stuff. I once spent a night in the Chelsea Hotel, and consider myself an honourary member of the Factory set...Actually, I was barely aware of its existence at the time. I was that bit too young (sigh-) Anyway Brigid Berlin is obviously completely mad, ultra-obsessive, and very rich. (I want to be her friend.) Nico is a bit too dead for me, even when she was alive,but she's definitely a superb 'icon', and I enjoy some of her music.

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