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Stinking Horrendously...

The two bigger dogs seem to have taken a shine to me, and rub up against me frequently, after rolling in all manner of piss, shit, and putrefaction. Yetch. They're nice critters, though...
I actually drew a few panels, today, better than nowt.
I'm masochistically watching YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT again...It's just so totally offencive. I think the supposedly amusing narration is even more insulting than the McKeith woman's venomous 'help'. ( I read somewhere that she's very careful about angles she's shot from, because she's actually a hunchback. She is very wizened and wee...)
I don't think it is just my depression... The fat bigotry thing really seems to be spiralling. I was actually shocked to hear Janet Street=Porter, who I usually have a lot of time for, spitting about how it enrages her to see FAT people in supermarkets buying junkfood, and she'd love to be a sort of 'food police' person, posted at the checkout, to force the fatties to return their 'bad' foods to the shelves! She said all this with such malicious relish, too. Of course, she is famous for her bitchiness and it's what makes her so entertaining, so I suppose I shouldn't really complain. There's just so much of this crap about, though, often coming from supposedly intelligent, liberal-minded people. Sigh...

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